At Lever Street Studios we can offer a range of recording services with highly experienced and friendly staff. 

See below to be tempted....

Recording studio

World class preamps and mics  and a vintage instrument collection are the at the heart of Lever st and we really mean world class..


We have 16 channels made up of Tube Tech, Neve, API, Great River and Empirical labs - no weak links

A beautiful mic collection 

An even more beautiful vintage instrument collection

Hi spec treated and sound-proofed rooms

Engineers who understand what musicians want...because they are musicians.

Voiceover facilty

With over 10 years experience of recording voiceovers, our in-house engineers know just what to do to help your session go without a hitch.

Most importantly we experienced engineers who understand that VO is not just sticking a mic in from of the artist.

We have a huge voice reel (Available on request) with recordings from media projects for TV series, commercials and online content.

Composers in Residence..

Lever Street Studios houses two exceptionally talented, award winning composer/producers;

Jasper Wilkinson and Matt Steele.

So if you need bespoke music to go with your project, or would like to collaborate with us on a project then please enquire.

Our  music has featured on hundreds of TVC's and programs on channels all over the world. If you would like to hear some of it, or are just curious about this side of our business, then please visit our media music sites.



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